Debrisoft Lolly Monofilament Fibre Head 19X160Mm 33224 _ 5Pcs

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Debrisoft® Lolly is intended for the debridement of deep - including surgically invasive - to superficial wounds for wound bed preparation. Eg o diabetic ulcers o arterial and venous ulcers o pressure ulcers o postoperative wounds healing by secondary intention o trauma, burns/scalds Debrisoft® is a quick, effective and virtually painless method of debridement producing rapidly visible results, saving time and money. Monofilament fibres absorb and remove debris from the wound bed and surrounding skin, while protecting viable granulation and epithelial tissue. oEasy to use oVisible results in 2-4 minutes oLifts, binds and removes slough and debris, including biofilm Packaged sterile for single use"
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