Permafoam Comfort Dressing 15Cmx15Cm Adhesive 409412 _ 5Pcs

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Foam dressings A highly absorbent polyurethane foam dressing that manages exudate whilst facilitating a moist wound environment. This allows for autolytic debridement and supports and protects the development of granulating and new epithelial tissue. The dressing is a combination of two differently structured foams. The absorbent layer consists of hydrophilic polyurethane foam which promotes vertical wicking of exudate from the wound surface, minimising the risk of maceration at the wound edges. The outer layer consists of soft, flexible, semi permeable polyurethane foam which is bacteria and water proof. The dressing has a 90% fluid retention under standard compression therapy, making it suitable for effective management of exudating lower leg ulcers of venous aetiology. PermaFoam® can be used for low to moderate exudating wounds and can remain on a wound for 3?5 days. PermaFoam® Comfort at a glance: . Self adhesive polyacrylate border, adheres well to intact skin . Low allergy adhesive helps prevent skin irritation . Outer bacteria proof and waterproof layer prevents strike-through of excess exudate from the dressing . Available in standard dressings, concave and sacral shapes
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