Shear Comfort Calf Protector For Wheelchair 9166332 _ 2Pcs

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Soften the unforgiving parts of any wheelchair. Shear Comfort Foot and Calf Plate Protectors bring comfort and protection to otherwise unforgiving parts of the wheelchair. Elastic straps hold the sheep's wool pads in place, so you can enjoy extra protection and comfort in your wheelchair. Made from Shear Comfort XD1900 – an extra dense, natural wool which gives superior pressure relief than even that of the very best natural sheepskins NEW Single Foot Plate Protector also available. We now stock a footplate protector designed to fit over wheelchairs with a singular footplate, so you can enjoy Shear Comfort protectors whatever your style of wheelchair. Palm and knee protectors, underarm supports are also availableAll Shear Comfort products are machine washable, and guaranteed against deterioration for up to 50 washes.
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