Solosite Wound Gel 20G Tube 36100614 _ 10Tubes

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  • Solosite Wound Gel 20G Tube
  • Solosite Wound Gel 20G Tube
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SoloSite Gel creates and maintains an optimal moist wound environment as it desloughs and debrides. Unlike gels formulated with water miscible polymers, SoloSite's water ?swellable? polymer remains gel-like until saturated, so it stays in the wound longer and requires fewer dressing changes. SoloSite Gel gently rehydrates sloughy and necrotic tissue which must be removed before healing can progress. SoloSite also absorbs excess exudate, thereby halting the build-up of cellular derbris and so helping to prevent slough formation.


Hydrogel Wound Dressing

  • Preserved for multi-dose dispensing
  • Effective debrider and deslougher
  • Promotes moist wound healing
  • Cost-effective

Indications: The treatment of both shallow and deep wounds, particularly chronic lesions such as pressure sores and leg ulcers which may be experiencing delayed healing due to the presence of necrotic and sloughy tissue. Also ideal for maintaining a moist wound healing environment in granulating wounds.

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