Zetuvit Dressing 20Cmx40Cm 413704 _ 5Pcs

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Moderate capacity exudate management dressing Multi-layered, absorbent dressing pad specifically designed for effective exudate management. Zetuvit® is covered in a soft, non-woven, hydrophobic polyamide fibre. The inner surface of the cover has a high capillary activity, providing wicking of wound exudate into the central core of bleached cellulose fluff. The backing layer of hydrophobic cellulose is permeable to air and moisture-repellent to help prevent strike-through. Zetuvit® at a glance: . High absorbency reduces the risk of maceration to the wound and surrounding tissue . Capillary action quickly absorbs fluid away from the wound into the central core, reducing the frequency of dressing changes . Low adherence to the wound, making it comfortable for residents during and between dressing changes . One-piece multi-layer sealed construction eliminates frayed edges, loose threads and linting . Permeable to air and moisture vapour
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