Glass Beakers

Glass Beakers

Beakers are containers with a flat bottom. They are usually used in laboratories, schools and research groups. There are a wide range of beaker sizes from small to large. Breakers are mostly made of glass but there are also beakers made of metal or plastics. A glass beaker has more benefits compared with the other types. A glass beaker is capable of holding samples for long so they can be used later. Also, glass beakers are appropriate for preserving small chemical reactions. There are two types of glass beakers in the marker:

  • Soda-lime glass
  • Borosilicate glass


The reason you should choose borosilicate glass is its specialized structure. Borosilicate Glass contains silica and boron oxide. This structure makes the glass be resistant against sudden temperature changes, and consequently not to break.
There are two types of beakers based on shape in the market, Low form and Tall Form. Standard or "low-form" beakers typically have a height about 1.4 times the diameter. These are the most universal character and are used for various purposes (from preparing solutions and decanting supernatant fluids to holding waste fluids prior to disposal to performing simple reactions).

Low form beakers are likely to be used in some way when performing a chemical experiment. "Tall-form" beakers have a height about twice their diameter. These are sometimes called Berzelius beakers and are mostly used for titration.

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