If you are prescribed to take fertility drugs, vitamin B12 shots, hormones, insulin, epinephrine or cancer drugs at home, you would better learn how to inject yourself with the medication if instructed by your doctor. You need to learn how to buy an appropriate size of needle for your injection. Choosing the right size of needle makes the injection easier, safer and less painful. In order to determine the right size of a needle, you need to consider two numbers labelled on it;

  • Needle Gauge
  • Needle Length

Needle gauge is the first number in front of the letter G. When the number is higher, the needle is thinner. Needle length is the second number which shows the length of the needle in inches. You should choose the size of a needle based on medications and persons. When the amount of drug is larger, the needle is better to be wide and low-gauge in order to deliver the drug faster. Also a small child needs a short needle. Disposable needles are individually wrapped and sterile. Reusable needles with different sizes.

In general, there are three common use types of needles;

  • Hypodermic needles
  • intravenous injection needles
  • surgical suture needles

Hypodermic needles are used for injection of drugs in hospitals and clinics with a prepared syringe. Intravenous injection needles are used for injecting drugs directly into the veins. Surgical suture needles are used to suture different types of tissue.
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