Measurements around the eyes are basic efficacy and safety tests for products applied to the eyes (e.g. contact lenses, eye drops) or near the eyes (e.g. skin care and decorative products) and their claim support.

Meibometer® MB 560

Interesting device to measure the lacrimal fluid's lipid content
Meibometer® MB 560

Lipids produced by the Meibomian glands keep the moisture of the tear fluid, thereby prevent the eyes from drying and keep them clear with comfortable vision. The typical dry eye problem is caused when the lipid production at the Meibomian glands is disrupted. If the tear film becomes destabilized and can break down quickly, creating dry spots on the surface of the eyes. The Meibometer® is the first and only measurement tool worldwide offering an interesting and unique approach to assess this deficiency.


Corneometer® CM 825

The World's Most Popular Skin Hydration Measurement Instrument
Corneometer CM 825
For more than 30 years the Corneometer® has provided the worldwide most used method to reproducibly and accurately determine the hydration level of the skin surface (stratum corneum). This is documented by the numerous scientific literature in which the terms "corneometry" and skin hydration measurements are inseparable. The accuracy of other hydration measurement instrumentation on the market is always assessed against the standard of the Corneometer®.


Tewameter® TM 300

Transepidermal Waterloss and Skin Barrier Function
Tewameter® TM 300

The Tewameter® TM 300 with its “open chamber” principle is the worldwide most accepted measuring device for the assessment of the Transepidermal Water Loss (TEWL). This is an indispensable parameter for the evaluation of the water barrier function of the skin and a basic measurement in all kinds of applications. Even the slightest damage in the skin water barrier can be determined at an early stage. Several hundreds of international scientific studies demonstrate its importance in research for dermatology and cosmetic/household products.


Cutometer® Dual MPA 580

The World's Most Established Elasticity Measurement by Suction
Cutometer® Dual MPA 580

For more than 30 years elasticity measurements with the Cutometer® have been recognized as standard in cosmetology and have been used to support the latest discoveries in this field. Due to its precision and ease of use compared to other elasticity measurement methods, the Cutometer® is mentioned in most studies on this subject worldwide.


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