Hartmann MoliCare Premium Fixpants long leg - All Sizes

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Hartmann Molicare Premium Fixpants are unisex fixation pants to ensure a safe and hygienic fixation of all types of incontinence pads. They guarantee a secure fixation for residents/patients wearing the two-piece system. The dense structure of the material makes MoliCare Premium Fixpants particularly resistant to ladders with the wetness indicator still being visible. MoliCare Premium Fixpants Long Leg is Reusable, washable at 60º C and can be tumbled at low heat. It can be washed up to 50 times without losing elasticity or softness. 

Benefits & Features

  • The soft waistband, the skin-friendly, air active material and the cross-elasticised threads ensure high wearing comfort
  • The color coding of the size on the waistband makes it easier for caregivers to select the correct option
  • Available in different leg lengths to accommodate different body shapes and personal preferences
  • Washable up to 50 times at 60°C in a laundry net and can be tumble dried at low heat
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