Dale Bendable ArmBoard For Intravenous Lines - All Sizes

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Dale Bendable ArmBoard For Intravenous Lines :

The Dale bendable arm board is a simple cost effective, tapeless, means to position and secure the wrist to prevent unwanted movement when using arterial and peripheral (intravenous) lines. The arm board is covered in a soft comfortable material and is fastened to the arm with adjustable hook and loop straps. The arm board can be custom shaped to any position.

Dale Bendable Armboard : 

The Dale Bendable Armboard allows the patient’s hand and wrist to maintain their natural position while securely and comfortably preventing any unwanted catheter movement.
The bendable inner core allows armboard to be custom shaped to desired position. Clinician is then able to hyperextend patient’s wrist for pronounced radial artery exposure, trouble –free insertion, and line integrity:

  • Adjustable hook & loop closures provide comfortable, easy to fasten, and snug fit
  • Soft, cushiony, plush lining enhances patient comfort
  • Four convenient sizes to accommodate most patients
  • Not made with natural rubber latex, preventing latex hypersensitivity
  • MR Conditional rated. Safe to use on patients undergoing MRI under specified conditions
  • Use in: OR, CCU, ICU, recovery and patient care units
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