Posiflush SP 10ml Pre-Filled Syringe - pack of 30

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  • Posiflush SP 10ml - pack of 30
  • Posiflush SP 10ml - pack of 30
  • Posiflush SP 10ml - pack of 30
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Pre-filled Saline Syringe

These prefilled syringes contain sodium chloride 0.9% and are designed for flushing in-situ vascular access devices. The 3ml, 5ml and 10ml syringes all have the same diameter as a standard 10ml syringe. May be used for flushing catheters when protocols stipulate use of a 10ml syringe to minimise flush pressure (PSI).

  • Luer-LokTM tip for secure connection to the catheter
  • Eliminates syringe-induced blood reflux, enhancing catheter maintenance protocol
  • Size and shape of the tip cap allow easy handling, ensures no touch contamination of the syringe luer connection
  • Eliminates the use of needles, thus reducing the potential for accidental needlestick injuries
  • Standardised flush volumes
  • Must not be used on a sterile field
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