Cliny All Silicone CUR Individual Catheter for Self Catheterization Set extra long catheter 395mm - All Sizes

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The Cliny Safety Catheter Set is designed for clients who intermittently catheterise during the day or night. It is a compact carry set comprising a reusable catheter, catheter container, cap, and carry case. Ideal for travelling or outings.

Contents: 1 x all silicone reusable catheter; 1 x Catheter Container with Hook; 1 x Cap; 1 x Carry Case



  • The all silicone catheter is designed not to stress the urethral mucosa during insertion or removal
  • Great alternative for those with latex allergies
  • A foldable catheter container holds the catheter safely away keeping it clean
  • Special cap seals the catheter container allowing clients to use a sterilizer, keeping the catheter clean
  • Can be used for up to 30 days
  • Catheter is soft as it is made from all clear silicone


Usage: Intermittent catheters are inserted into the bladder when voiding of urine is required. It is then removed as soon as the bladder has been emptied of urine. It is NOT left in place.


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