Cliny Safety Catheter Set 12G Male Intermittent Silicone 35Cm 04-4312 _ 10pcs

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The Cliny Safety Catheter Set is designed for clients who intermittently catheterise during the day or night. It is a compact carry set comprising a reusable catheter, catheter container, cap, and carry case. Ideal for travelling or outings. Contents: 1 x all silicone reusable catheter; 1 x Catheter Container with Hook; 1 x Cap; 1 x Carry Case. Features: - The all silicone catheter is designed not to stress the urethral mucosa during insertion or removal. It is also a great alternative for those with latex allergies. - A foldable catheter container holds the catheter safely away keeping it clean. It is also folds away making it compact. - A hook keeps the catheter container folded and can be used to hang the container. - The special cap seals the catheter container allowing clients to use a sterilizer, keeping the catheter clean. - An external carry case is ideal for carrying the catheter container making the item discreet. *Can be used for up to 30 days.

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