Ugo Community Leg Bag - Soft Fabric Backing - Box of 10

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  • Ugo Community Leg Bag - Soft Fabric Backing - Box of 10
  • Ugo Community Leg Bag - Soft Fabric Backing - Box of 10
  • Ugo Community Leg Bag - Soft Fabric Backing - Box of 10
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Ugo Community Leg Bags are used by catheter users in the community for attaching to suprapubic, transurethral catheters and male urinary sheaths ensuring use for up to 7 days. These leg bags are sterile, individually pouch packaged and available in boxes of 10. Ugo leg bags provide healthcare professionals with a comfortable collection of urine due to their needle-free sample port. They prevent urine from going up the drainage tubing due to their non-return valve. They also ensure a secure attachment to the 2 liter drainage bag and reduce the kinking risk during sleeping due to their soft kink-free silicone drainage tubing. You can benefit from every feature of Ugo Leg Bags; even the soft PVC used for the Leg Bag has been chosen to lower the noise while moving and filling. Ugo Leg Bags are also provided with Ugo Fix Leg Bag Straps. You can get a pair of Ugo Fix Leg Bag Straps with fabric-backed Ugo Leg Bags (community). With our non-fabric Ugo Leg Bag (hospital), you can get a pair of Ugo Fix Leg Bag Straps in every pouch, ten per box. Ugo Leg Bags are available in a variety of formats for you to choose from:

  • Choose your leg bag volume: Different people benefit from different volumes in the Ugo Leg Bag range; you may choose between 350ml, 500ml or 750ml.
  • Choose your tube length: Three lengths of drainage tubing are available including 5cm (short), 25cm (long) and direct intel. You can choose one depending on your preference, the length of your catheter and where you intend to wear your leg bag. 
  • Choose your drainage tap: You can use your Ugo Leg Bag for up to 7 days. We suggest you to empty your leg bag when it is 2/3 full or even sooner; if your healthcare professional recommends. You can select between two taps including a Lever Tap and a T Tap.
  • Choose your leg bag backing: You can choose between fabric or non-fabric backing on your Ugo Leg Bags. They are called community and hospital leg bags. The non-fabric backed leg bags are appropriate for hospital patients and catheter users in a healthcare setting. Individuals who use catheters in the community can use both fabric or non-fabric backed leg bags.

Ugo Leg Bag Features

  • Appropriate for transurethral and suprapubic catheterization or male urinary sheath
  • Fits securely into all catheters and sheaths owing to its transparent universal stepped connector
  • Includes a needle-free sample port which locks the syringe and provides safe sample collection
  • Prevents the urine from going back up the drainage pipe using its non-return valve
  • Reinforced eyelets ensuring level positioning 
  • Natural leg-shaped design 
  • Made from soft medical-grade plastic material providing strength and reducing noise while moving 



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