Mdevices Syringe Luer Slip Lock Low Dead Space _ All Sizes

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 Mdevices Luer Slip Syringes are hypodermic syringes made from Polypropylene and used to draw up measured medication to be delivered to the patient. Luer Slip syringes are free from latex and DEHP, needle free and available in a variety of sizes;

  • 1ml
  • 3ml
  • 5ml
  • 10ml
  • 20ml
  • 30ml
  • 50ml
  • 60ml

They are lipid resistant and have a plunger stopper with a double sealing ring. They also have bold scale markings and are so clear and visible to read. They are compatible with all standard needles. Luer Slip syringes require the medical staff to push the hypodermic needle into the syringe end in order to create a secure and strong connection. 

Luer Slip syringes are available in two different nozzle positions:

  • Central 
  • Eccentric

Central Luer Slip syringes are used in most applications and eccentric ones allow the user to get closer to the patient's skin.

To use Luer Slip syringes, you must be cautious about several points. Luer Slip syringe is single use so do not reuse or re-sterilize it. Do not use it when the syringe has been damaged or contaminated. Never store Luer Slip syringes at extreme temperature and keep out of direct sunlight. 

Take 7 steps if you intend to use Mdevices Luer Slip syringe:

First: you should select a syringe size appropriate for your injection.

Second: you should peel the packing in order to separate the syringe from the pouch.

Third: draw up the prescribed dose of medication into the syringe.

Fourth: you must make sure if all air has been expelled from the syringe.

Fifth: you should connect the syringe to a corresponding hypodermic needle.

Sixth: push the plunger in the required location in order to deliver the medication.

seventh: throw the disposable syringe away.

We highly recommend this product since it is manually retractable, available in a broad range of sizes and has low dead space.


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