Single Use Microfibre Cloth 30cm x 30cm - White - Box/480

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Typically used with 'charging buckets' (see below), HainesSingle Use Microfibre Cleaning Cloths are a highly efficient and effective choice for facilities looking to optimise infection control and organisational resources. Not only are they quick and easy to use, HainesSingle Use Microfibre Cleaning Cloths remove an impressive 99.87% of infectious organisms, when charged with water alone (verified by independent laboratory testing). Other benefits include: Optimal cleaning power - proven to remove over 99.87% of MRSA, VRE and C. difficile The repeated, high temperature laundering required with traditional, reusable cloths breaks down the fabric, reducing absorbency and effectiveness over time. Single use cloths avoid that - providing optimal performance and microbial removal with each and every use. Reduced risk of cross-contamination A 2013 study found that reusable cleaning cloths from 93% of hospitals surveyed contained viable pathogens, including coliform bacteria and spores, even after laundering and use of hospital-grade disinfectants (Sifuentes et al. 2013).1 As single use cloths are only used once, from new, they mitigate the risk of cross-contamination associated with reusable options. Faster patient turnaround times As microfibre charging buckets are pre-prepared and readily available for staff, the cleaning process can be 25-30% faster than with reusable cleaning supplies, leading to faster patient turnaround times for busy facilities (Monash Health 2014).2 Ideal for sensitive clinical environments Due to the effectiveness of HainesSingle Use Microfibre Cloths when charged with water alone, they are ideal for use in nurseries, or areas where chemical sensitivity is warranted. Compatible with most existing microfibre charging systems HainesSingle Use Microfibre Cloths are compatible with common microfibre charging equipment used in Australian hospitals, providing a cost effective refill option. WHAT IS MICROFIBRE CHARGING? Microfibre charging is a day-to-day commercial cleaning method, popular in hospitals and healthcare facilities requiring regular, quick, but comprehensive cleaning of hard surfaces. With a microfibre charging system, a stack of dry cloths (or mop heads) are placed into an applicable charging bucket with water or suitable cleaning solution (detergent or disinfectant). Once the liquid is fully absorbed and the cloths are wet, they are accessed one by one as required, by carers or cleaners. Charging equipment now available! Microfibre cleaning cloth charging buckets are now available from Haines(contact us on (08) 8294 5999 for more information). Specifications 30cm x 30cm 70gsm 60 cloths per inner sealed bag (8 bags per box)
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