Cliny Catheter 24G Adult 10Cc Foley 2-Way Round Silicone 35Cm 05-1324 _ 10pcs

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Cliny catheters are made from medical grade silicone which is well known for its biocompatible properties. Silicone is "gentle on the body" and less likely to cause irritation, thereby reducing the chance of urinary tract infection. Silicone becomes slippery when wet, thus allowing the catheter to be inserted easily into the urethra. Silicone is stronger than latex, and for the same outer diameter of catheter, the inner diameter is greater, resulting in faster urine flow. For a patient who is suffering from a disease of the kidney or bladder, has neurological disorder, or finds it difficult to discharge urine post-operatively, urine needs to be extracted through a catheter. Cliny catheters are well known in Australia and recommended for use, both in the hospital and the home.
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