Hollister Advance Pre Lubricated Ic 14Fg Female Intermittent 20Cm H92142 _ 25pcs

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The Advance pre-lubricated intermittent catheter features true Touch-Free Technology, enabling you to catheterise with confidence, without ever having to touch the sterile catheter or to expose it to possible environmental or other contaminates. The Advance catheter is all about confidence ? Pure and simple ? both today and tomorrow. The first thing you?ll notice is the red catheter ring cap. This helps keep the Touch-Free protective tip clean and protected after the package is open. It?s easy to remove, even with limited manual dexterity. The Advance catheter incorporates a unique protective tip and introducer to bypass the first 15mm of the distal urethra, where the majority of the bacteria are present. It helps reduce the risk of carrying bacteria up into the urinary system. It also doubles as a guide for proper and simple insertion. The Advance intermittent catheter also has a pre-lubricated gel reservoir, which lubricates the catheter as it is advanced out of the packaging. You can also control the amount of gel for extra lubrication providing a smooth insertion. Ultra-smooth catheter eyelets on the catheter tip combine to help ensure trouble-free insertion and withdrawal for your convenience and comfort.
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