Microscope Slides

Microscope Slides

If you want to examine objects under a microscope, you need to use a microscope slide. A microscope slide is a thin and flat piece of glass commonly 75 by 26 mm and about 1 mm thick, on which you can put a specimen and observe it through the microscope. It is much easier to control the slide rather than the specimen for viewing under a microscope. Slides can typically measure three inches by one inch . They are made of clear plastic and glass. Microscope slides are usually used with cover slips which are thinner pieces of glass placed on the specimen. In Medisa, we are supporting exceptional quality brands of microscope slides: APTACA, Living Stone, Universal Choice and Paul Marienfeld.

APTACA pty Ltd is producing slides with standard ISO 8037 and ISO 8037-2. The slides are made of clear glass, prewashed, degreased and ready to use. Also, APTACA Trays are available with white background for easy and quick slide identification.

Livingstone slides have pathology grade microscope glass. These slides are available in a different range of sizes and are interleaved or non-interleaved. Each pack of Livingstone contains 50 slides. 

Paul Marienfeld microscope slides are made of soda lime glass of third hydrolytic class. They are in compliance with DIN ISO 8037/1 and made in Germany. These pre-cleaned, ready to use and advocable slides are available in boxes of 50 and packed standardly. Paul Marienfeld Pty Ltd is also producing microscope cover slips. They are made of borosilicate glass and packed in boxes of 100.

Universal Choice microscope slides are made from pathology grade glass. These microscope slides have a frosted area at one end for labeling with a pencil or a pen so they are called One End One Side slides. Universal Choice slides’ thickness is 1.0-1.2 mm. They are interleaved and available in packs of 50.