The Multi Probe Adapter (MPA) Systems 

The MultiProbe Adapter System® works as an interface between our probes and PC. The data measured by probes is transferred to PC by means of MPA series and thanks to our user friendly and flexible MPA CTplus Software , user can analyze, save and recall the data. All probes can be plugged in to MPA systems (Some limitation applies- see below) and software detects each probe automatically. All types of MPA systems work only with software.


The Multi Probe Adapter Systems can feature up to 10 different probes at the same time and are connected directly to the software (no display on the device).

  • Measurement system exactly suitable for your needs and can be enlarged as you go along.
  • The MPA systems are operated with the new, sophisticated software MPA CTplus.
  • The data from the ambient condition sensor RHT 100 are saved with the measurements.
  • All future C+K probes will be compatible with this system.


Available models:

  • Multi Probe Adapter MPA 6: inbuilt Sebumeter® and possibility of connecting any probes (up to 5, except Cutometer®) with external power supply
  • Multi Probe Adapter MPA 10: inbuilt Sebumeter® and possibility of connecting any probes (up to 9, except Cutometer®) with external power supply
  • Cutometer® dual MPA 580: Measurement of the skin's viscoelasticity by suction created by a vacuum pump inside the device. The Cutometer® features a built-in Sebumeter® and the possibility to connect up to 4 additional C+K-probes. The device is delivered with one Cutometer® probe (2 mm standard Ø opening), accessories and software. Optionally, a second additional Cutometer® probe can be connected and worked simultaneously.
  • MPA 2: connect any two probes (except Frictiometer or Cutometer®), no additional power supply needed, just connect it to the PC via USB
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