Cosmopor E Dressing 25Cmx10Cm Self Adhesive 10pc

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  • Cosmopor E Dressing 25Cmx10Cm Self Adhesive 10pc
  • Cosmopor E Dressing 25Cmx10Cm Self Adhesive 10pc
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COSMOPOR E DRESSING 25cmx10cm Non woven island dressings Cosmopor® steril is a self-adhesive island wound dressing that is ideal for acute, traumatic wound management. Cosmopor® steril is made of 100% pure cotton, allowing it to conform to the bodies contours and providing cushioning. The pad and surface layer are mounted on a soft, non-woven adhesive sheet that is permeable to air. The wide, continuous polyacrylate adhesive border of the dressing ensures secure adhesion and protection against contamination without adhering to the wound. Cosmopor® steril is also available in a cost-effective Cosmopor® E steril. This dressing has a viscose absorbent pad and a colophony free synthetic rubber based adhesive. Cosmopor® at a glance: . Soft breathable cover ensures resident comfort and conformability to wound sites . The thick pad minimises fluid strike-through and helps to protect the wound from trauma . Low allergy polyacrylate adhesive provides a secure dressing fixation over the wound site . A special low adherent layer helps prevent adherence to the wound . Designed for quick application without the risk of touching the absorbent pad or adhesive area with fingers or forceps
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