Deep Heat 100G Applying heat to the joints and muscles 1044521

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DEEP HEAT 100g Applying heat to the joints and muscles in your body can help with injury or inflammation. It can help relax the muscles, reduce stiffness, relieve pain and improve the blood supply to the affected area to aid healing. Heat treatment can be applied by using a warm pad or patch or by using a hot topical treatment such as a rub or spray like Deep Heat. Deep Heat Heat Rub contains a special ingredient that, together with the body?s natural enzymes, generates penetrating warmth that can be used to treat several types of pain. This rub contains ingredients that act as counter irritants to provide a tingling, pain relieving sensation to dilate blood vessels, re-oxygenate the tissues and relax the muscles. As it is absorbed, your body?s natural enzymes turn its special blend of ingredients into a powerful painkiller.

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