Smith & Nephew Dermapad Sacral/Ankle Pressure Redistribution Wrap – Box of 1

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  • Dermapad Sacrum
  • Dermapad Sacrum
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DERMAPAD Sacrum Wrap is designed for use on bony areas of your body such as the ankles in order to protect your skin against pressure damage. A high pressure can disrupt the blood flow and the oxygen supply leading to skin damage. DERMAPAD polymer gel pads prevent the damage by redistributing the force over a larger area. The Sacrum Wrap can be used on the ankle, around the shoulder, hip and back of the head. It can be held in place with incontinence pads and underwear. The pads can be washed and reused on the same patient. Remember not to use DERMAPAD  on broken skin, not to obstruct your nose or mouth airway and not to continue use if your skin reacts to them. 

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