Peha Haft Cohesive Bandage 8Cmx4Mtr Latex Free, 4ROLL

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PEHA HAFT COHESIVE BANDAGE 8cmx4mtr Light cohesive retention bandage Peha-haft® is a cohesive, elastic conforming bandage that simplifies every type of dressing retention through its extraordinary double adhesive effect. Its crepe texture and special sticky coating mean that only a few turns are required to provide secure and permanent dressing retention. Bandages made of Peha-haft® do not require any additional fixation. Its open-weave structure has a high content of natural fibres and is only lightly impregnated by adhesives, which makes Peha-haft® extraordinarily permeable to air and does not produce an increase in skin temperature, making it comfortable to wear for any skin type. Peha-Haft® latex-free at a glance: . Latex-free . Consists of 46% viscose, 36% cotton and 18% polyamide . Extensibility of 85%, remains smooth when applied, creating no restriction to joint movement . Sticks only to itself making it suitable for use on fragile or hairy skin without discomfort . Approx. 6 times more permeable to air than conventional cohesive bandages, limiting heat accumulation and subsequent maceration from perspiration . For all types of dressing retention, especially on joints, rounded or conical parts of the body . For fixation of padding material, cannulae etc. . Available in a large range of sizes

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