Tenderwet Active Dressing 10Cm Square - Each

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  • Tenderwet Active Dressing 10Cm Square 1pc
  • Tenderwet Active Dressing 10Cm Square 1pc
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TENDERWET ACTIVE DRESSING 10cm SQUARE Debriding dressings An interactive moist wound dressing which provides continuous debriding and conditioning for effective wound bed preparation. The central core of the superabsorbent polyacrylate (SAP) is activated isotonic Ringer?s solution. Ringer?s solution is displaced into the wound, allowing the debris and exudate to be taken up into the dressing and retained by the SAP. This produces a continuous rising effect for supporting effective wound bed preparation. TenderWet® at a glance: . Continuously rinses the wound for active cleansing . Softens and detaches necrotic sloughy tissue . Effectively absorbs exudate and conditions the wound bed . Prepares the wound bed for the formation of granulation tissue . Conforms to the wound surface to target correct areas . Both dressings are ready-to-use . TenderWet® 24 active is suitable for superficial and partial thickness wounds . TenderWet® active cavity can be used in combination with TenderWet® 24 active for managing deeper wounds
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