Urgoclean Fibre Dressing 6Cmx6Cm 3pc

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  • Urgoclean Fibre Dressing 6Cmx6Cm 3pc
  • Urgoclean Fibre Dressing 6Cmx6Cm 3pc
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URGOCLEAN FIBRE DRESSING 6cmx6cm UrgoClean Pad is a sterile, non-woven pad, composed of poly-absorbent fibres that are highly absorbent and cohesive. The poly-absorbent pad gels easily, aiding the drainage of sloughy tissue, and making it easier to apply and remove the dressing. MODE OF ACTION: In contact with exudate, the poly-absorbent fibres of UrgoClean gel, swell and bind to the sloughy residue, absorbing and draining it to aid elimination (autolytic debridement). The creation of this gel maintains a moist environment, in contact with the wound, which promotes the healing of desloughed areas, trapping exudate and preventing their lateral diffusion. In addition, thanks to the TLC, in the desloughed areas, fibroblast proliferation is promoted. BENEFITS: - Absorption and controlled diffusion of exudate - Absorption and trapping of bacteria - Removal of dressing in one piece due to the strength of the poly-absorbent fibres - Maintenance of a moist environment in contact with the wound, favourable to healing of desloughed areas - Protects the skin around the wound with no risk of maceration thanks to a vertical absorption
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