Vliwaktiv Charcoal Dressing 10Cmx20Cm Sterile 1pc

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  • Vliwaktiv Charcoal Dressing 10Cmx20Cm
  • Vliwaktiv Charcoal Dressing 10Cmx20Cm
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VLIWAKTIV CHARCOAL DRESSING 10x20cm Vliwaktiv® Charcoal Dressing is an ideal combination of a non-adherent absorbent pad with a charcoal layer to absorb wound odours and bacteria. For the care of infected, purulent wounds with unpleasant odours such as lower leg ulcers, decubitus or anal fistulae. A skin-friendly, breathable nonwoven cover helps the exudate transfer into the absorbent core. Bacteria and odours are retained by the charcoal layer. The clothing protection layer prevents penetration of wound exudate.

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