Zetuvit Plus Dressing 20Cmx25Cm 2pc

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  • Zetuvit Plus Dressing 20Cmx25Cm 2pc
  • Zetuvit Plus Dressing 20Cmx25Cm 2pc
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ZETUVIT PLUS DRESSING 20cmx25cm Heres a unique combination of absorption capacity, softness and padding. Zetuvit Plus is an absorbent dressing pad with an extremely high absorption capacity. It binds wound exudate rapidly and reliably retains it within the absorbent core. The high absorption and retention capacity reduces the frequency of dressing changes to protect you against renewed infection. Ideal for the treatment of heavily exuding superficial wounds. Zetuvit Plus features: Special water repellent side (facing away from the wound) which is non-woven and permeable to air Hydrophobic outer non-woven surface prevents it from sticking to the wound Thin non-woven fabric surrounds the core the uniformly distributes the liquid Superabsorbent core with a liquid retaining super absorber binds and traps exude Optimal absorption capacity, absorbs more than double the volume of conventional absorbent dressing pads Skin-friendly air-permeable soft material with no sharp edges
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