Zorflex Wound Contact Layer 5Cmx5Cm - 1pc

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  • Zorflex Wound Contact Layer 5Cmx5Cm 2pc
  • Zorflex Wound Contact Layer 5Cmx5Cm 2pc
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ZORFLEX WOUND CONTACT LAYER 5x5cm Zorflex® Long Fibre Activated Carbon Cloth provides an excellent alternative to traditional antimicrobial dressings that may contain chemical agents such as silver, iodine or PHMB. Zorflex® offers three actions that promote wound healing and patient wellbeing 1. Chemical free antimicrobial action 2. Electrical conduction for accelerated tissue formation 3. Reduction of MMPs, pain and odour. Used as a primary wound contact layer, the secondary dressing of choice should be determined by the level of exudate.

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