Smith & Nephew Allevyn Life Heel Dressing - Size 25cm x 25.2cm

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Allevyn Life Heel Dressing is the only heel dressing uniquely designed for covering the malleolus with no need for secondary retention. Allevyn Life Heel can be used for the management of various wounds including shallow and granulating wounds, acute and chronic exudative wounds, wounds that are fully or partially thick, surgical wounds, malignant wounds, first and second degree burns, skin tears, fungating ulcers, infected wounds (the infected wounds should be treated in accordance with local clinical protocol).

Benefits & Features

  • Allevyn Life Heel highly absorbs and locks exudate while ensuring an optimal patient experience
  • Includes lock away layer preventing exudate from leaking on the surrounding skin, and consequently reducing the risk of maceration
  • Includes soft silicone layer enabling you to reposition the dressing and change it without any damage to surrounding skin and unnecessary additional pain
  • Includes change indicator layer lowering patient embarrassment, reducing visibility of unsightly exudate strikethrough and showing when the dressing should be changed

Instructions For Use

  1. Cleanse your wound based on normal procedures.
  2. Choose the suitable dressing size for you.
  3. Prepare the surrounding area of your wound by cleaning it and removing excess moisture. Also, clip any excess hair to ensure close approximation to the wound.
  4. Use a clean technique to remove one of Allevyn Life's protective films and anchor the adhesive side of the dressing to your skin. Ensure there are no creases by smoothing the dressing over your wound.
  5. Then, remove the remaining protector film. Only the dressing's pad area must be adhered across the entire surface of your wound.
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