Hartmann HydroTac Transparent Dressing - All Sizes

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Hartmann HydroTac Transparent is a transparent hydrocellular gel dressing consisting of hydrated polyurethane polymer which contains glycerin. HydroTac Transparent can release moisture and absorb a limited amount of exudate, thereby providing a moist wound environment which has a stimulating effect on wound healing, because of the high water content of approx. 60%. Thus it is stimulating granulation and epithelialization. HydroTac transparent is transparent and provides an atraumatic dressing change. Due to its transparency, wound inspection is possible at any time without removal of dressing. The product is covered with a semi-permeable layer to prevent bacterial penetration. HydroTac Transparent is designed for long-term treatment of dry or slightly exuding wounds in the granulation and epithelialization phase.

 Benefits & Features

  • Transparent hydrocellular gel dressing
  • Capable of releasing moisture and absorbing a limited amount of exudate
  • Suitable for slightly exuding wounds 
  • Can be cut into the desired size
  • For fixation please use a suitable secondary dressing (e.g. adhesive tapes or bandages)
  • Sterile
  • Individually sealed
  • Available in two sizes


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