Heal-it 10% Zinc Oxide Adult Barrier spray 100mL

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Heal-it Adult Rash Zinc
Oxide Spray 10%

• Using Heal-It saves a lot of time:

• with applying on the wounds

• Cleaning hands or gloves
• Soothes & protects skin
• Neutralizes irritants
• Quick dry
• Easy spray-on application
• No need to rub in after spraying affected
areas, and won’t cake or run
• Zinc oxide, the active ingredient of Heal-it,
promotes epithelialization and cleansing of
wounds thus improving wound healing
• Zinc oxide has a mild anti-inflammatory activity
• It is less painful to apply than creams (no-touching,
no alcohol) • An aerosol minimizes cross-infections from
hand- skin contact • Heal-It provides several hours of protection from
body fluids making it a cost effective treatment

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