Hydrosorb Dressing 20 X 20Cm Non Adhesive 900855 _ 3Pcs

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Hydrosorb is a transparent, solid hydrogel sheet with a semi-permeable outer layer. The dressing provides a moist wound environment for optimal healing. The dressing's 60% water content makes it particularly effective for stimulating tissue growth by keeping the young epithelium and granulation tissue moist.   The soft elastic property of Hydrosorbcreates a cushioning effect, which provides protection to the wound. It has a soothing and cooling effect on superficial burns and minor skin irritations.   Hydrosorb does not adhere to the wound and can be removed without pain or disturbance to the wound bed. For nil or low exuding wounds, Hydrosorb can stay on a wound for up to 7 days.   Features: Hydrosorb has a "write on" removable transparent film for wound tracing. This peel off film can be placed in the patients notes for monitoring wound progress.   Contraindications: Wounds with moderate to high exudate Infected wounds Hydrosorb will require a retention tape or bandage. Best for fragile skin.

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