Hydrosorb Gel 8G 900843 _ 5Pcs

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Amorphous hydrogel A clear, viscous, sterile gel which is used for the treatment of dry chronic wounds. It contains Ringers solution, glycerol, hydroxy-ethyl cellulose, carboxy-methyl cellulose. Hydrosorb® Gel provides a moist wound environment helping to promote wound healing. It softens dry necrotic tissue, while facilitating the removal of devitalised tissue and absorbing wound debris and exudate. Hydrosorb® Gel at a glance: . The syringe presentation enables gel application directly into the wound for safe, clean dosing . The reverse scale plunger allows accurate measuring of dispelled contents to the nearest millimetre, thus minimising the risk of application errors and enabling simple documentation . May be left on a wound for up to 3 days and requires a suitable secondary dressing to prevent drying out . Rehydration and debridement of slough and necrotic tissue . Does not contain Propylene Glycol . Provides a moist environment in wounds of various aetiology

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