Avanos Corflo Nasogastric/Nasointestinal Feeding Tube With Stylet Controller Smooth Shaped Bolus With Enfit Connectors - All Sizes

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The ENFit connectors were designed to prevent misconnections between enteral devices and other devices used in various medical applications. However, the design of the ENFit connector cannot overcome all chances of misconnection. The following connector types are potential misconnections for the ENFit connector (feeding/ medication access port) of this enteral feeding tube:

  • Suction ports on Endotracheal Suction Systems
  • Respiratory circuit filtration connectors
  • Oxygen inlet connectors for Resuscitation Devices
  • Baxter IV Solution Bag ports (such as NaCl, Ringers Solution, etc.)
  • Sample ports on drainage bags
  • Peritoneal Dialysis connectors
  • Cones & sockets of ISO 5356-1:2004 & ISO 5356-2:2004
  • Temperature sensor connectors & mating ports of ISO 8185:2007
  • Oxygen nipples as defined in EN 13544-2:2002

CORFLO NG/NI feeding tubes have satisfied biocompatibility testing as a device for long-term use per ISO 10993-1.

Note: Placement and use of any feeding tube may result in patient discomfort.


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Avanos Corflo Nasogastric/Nasointestinal Feeding Tube
Anti-Clog With Enfit Connector Anti-Clog With Enfit Connector Smooth Shape Bolus With Stylet Anti-Clog Pill Shaped Bolus With Enfit Connector Controllers With Enfit Connector Controller With Enfit Connector Smooth Shape Bolus Controller With Enfit Connector Pill Shape Bolus
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