Nylon Sutures

Nylon Sutures

Nylon sutures are medical devices used by healthcare professionals during surgical procedures to close wounds or surgical incisions. These sutures are made from nylon, a synthetic polymer known for its strength and elasticity. Nylon sutures are often preferred for their ease of handling, flexibility, and smooth passage through tissue, making them an essential tool in surgical practice.

The Nylon Sutures category includes a variety of products designed for different surgical needs. These products may include different sizes, lengths, needle types, and coatings to suit various surgical procedures. Some products in this category may be absorbable, while others may be non-absorbable, providing options for both temporary and permanent wound closure.

One of the key products in this category is the Ethicon Coated VICRYL Suture, which comes in various sizes and needle types to accommodate different surgical requirements. This suture is braided for added strength and coated for smooth passage through tissue, reducing tissue trauma and inflammation post-surgery.

Whether you need a conventional cutting needle, reverse cutting needle, or taperpoint needle, the Nylon Sutures category offers a wide selection of options to meet your surgical needs. These sutures are sterile and pre-packaged for single-use, ensuring patient safety and reducing the risk of infection.

Overall, Nylon Sutures are a crucial component of any surgical procedure, providing reliable wound closure and promoting proper healing. With a range of products available to cater to various surgical needs, healthcare professionals can find the right nylon suture for their specific requirements.