COVID-19 Antigen Rapid test for Home use

COVID-19 Antigen Rapid test for Home use

COVID-19 Antigen Rapid test for Home use

There has never been a greater need for accurate, simple to use, low cost, rapid testing to enable government, businesses, schools, and families to defend against COVID-19.

While laboratory testing of nasopharyngeal swabs for active virus load represents the gold standard of infection testing and tracing, implementing on-site rapid testing for COVID-19 allows the potential for businesses to significantly reduce the waiting times associated with COVID-19 testing while also help maintain a COVID-safe workplace. 


A great way to accurately find out whether you are infected by COVID-19 is to use Antigen Rapid tests. These tests are easy to use, inexpensive and very rapid. You will get rid of uncomfortable clinical tests if you use Antigen Rapid tests since they are home self tests. Antigen Rapid tests are deemed rapid because they produce results within 10-20 minutes. If the result is positive, it means you are infected yet you should do the PCR test to become sure.

If the result is negative, it means you are unlikely to be infected but still you must wear a mask and stay at least one meter distant from others.

Antigen Rapid tests are reliable in sensitivity and accuracy since they have TGA approval and certification. These tests can detect COVID-19 in people with or without symptoms. Antigen Rapid tests include two types:

  • nasal
  • salivary

Nasal Antigen Rapid tests are mildly invasive, but they do not make patients feel uncomfortable while testing. Salivary Antigen Rapid tests are easier and more comfortable for individuals to use. The results provided by two types of test are highly accurate and trusted. So the choice is yours. Various products have been developed in terms of Antigen Rapid testing. ECOTEST Saliva Antigen Rapid Pen test is a handy test for home and office use producing highly accurate results in 15 minutes. Another product is RightSign COVID-19 Antigen Rapid test which is a nasal rapid home test producing results in just 10 minutes. It is the most rapid test kit in the market. ALLTEST Antigen Rapid test, Oral Fluid is an easy-to-use and disposable test kit. It is non-invasive and Delta-variant detectable. You can purchase these testing products online and have them delivered to your door. You should beware that COVID-19 Antigen Rapid tests provide preliminary results.

In order to get the final confirmation you must do clinical diagnostic tests. 

 Attention: Please follow your local state government rules for Antigen Rapid Test usage.