Efficay Test

Efficay Test

Efficacy tests on skin in vivo

The C+K devices are worldwide used as standard instruments in efficacy testing and claim support of cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, raw materials, househol/personal care products, detergents as well as food and food supplements.

The devices are eays and quickly to use, thus perfectly suitable to study the product properties on the skin in each phase of the development process.

The extrenal testing laboratories/CROs all over the globe use the C+K equipment to perform final product tests for documentation.
  • Skin
  • Hair & Scalp
Besides measurements on the skin, assessing parameters on hair and scalp play a big role in the developement of shampoos, hair care and cosmetics, as well as food and food supplements.
  • Nails

Assessing the nail properties in vivo is gaining more and more focus in assessing efficacy of nail care and nail cosmetics. New, innovative measurement systems allow exploring a whole new world of claims.

  • Eyes

Measurements around the eyes are basic efficacy and safety tests for products applied to the eyes (e.g. contact lenses, eye drops) or near the eyes (e.g. skin care and decorative products) and their claim support.

  • In Vitro

The development of in vitro measurement systems for product efficacy ist a field in which we are investigating and will offer more and more products for the future.

  • Zoology

Measurement systems for efficacy testing on human skin also find their place for measuring on animals. Bioengineering methods are used to do efficacy testing on care, nutrition, pharmaceuticals and drugs for animals. Investigating skin and hair diseases in animals is another wide field. There are several studies from different applications where the C+K devices have been used in zoology/animal health.



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