Tubular Form Compression Bandage Size J 17.5Cm Wide Small Trunks Latex Free Natural Sm108 - Roll of 10m

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Ideally designed for the treatment of orthopedic and vascular conditions as well as sprains, soft tissue & joint injuries and to reduce oedema. Clinically proven to heal leg ulcers with 3 layer compression. Australian made

The Tubular Form Compression Bandage Size J is an essential medical tool for treating a range of orthopedic and vascular conditions. With its 17.5cm width, this bandage is perfectly suited for small trunks and provides targeted support and compression.

One of the main benefits of this compression bandage is its latex-free composition, ensuring a natural and hypoallergenic solution for patients. This feature makes it suitable for individuals who may have latex allergies or sensitivities, providing peace of mind and reducing the risk of adverse reactions.

This versatile bandage is not only effective in the treatment of orthopedic and vascular conditions but also offers relief for sprains, soft tissue, and joint injuries. The compression it provides helps stabilize injured areas, improving mobility and minimizing discomfort.

Moreover, the Tubular Form Compression Bandage is also highly effective in reducing oedema, the abnormal accumulation of fluid in body tissues. This makes it an excellent option for patients recovering from surgery or dealing with inflammatory swelling.

Furthermore, this bandage is clinically proven to heal leg ulcers by utilizing a three-layer compression approach. The compression aids in improving blood flow and promoting the healing process, maximizing the chances of complete recovery.

Made in Australia, this product meets high-quality standards, ensuring reliable and durable performance. Australian manufacturing principles and regulations guarantee that each bandage is crafted with precision and attention to detail, providing healthcare professionals and patients with a dependable tool they can confidently rely on.

The Tubular Form Compression Bandage Size J 17.5Cm Wide Small Trunks Latex Free Natural Sm108 comes in a convenient roll of 10m, providing ample supply for patients' needs. Its compact design allows for easy storage and transportation, making it a practical choice for healthcare facilities, clinics, and individuals seeking effective and convenient wound management solutions.

Overall, this compression bandage offers a comprehensive treatment option for various conditions, combining high-quality craftsmanship, latex-free materials, and clinically proven results. When it comes to orthopedic and vascular care, this product is an ideal choice for professionals and patients alike, helping to accelerate healing and enhance overall well-being.
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