​Abbott Panbio COVID-19 Antigen Rapid Test And How To Use It

​Abbott Panbio COVID-19 Antigen Rapid Test And How To Use It

The Pabio COVID_19 Antigen Rapid test is a nasal swabbing self test that produces results in only 15 minutes. The Panbio rapid test is considered very patient-friendly as it is mildly invasive and diminishes coughing, sneezing or gag reflexes. The Panbio testing kit has a 9_12 month expiration date. Its sensitivity is 98.1% and its specificity is 99.8% compared to nasal PCR. Also, compared to nasopharyngeal PCR, it is 91.1% sensitive and 99.7 % specific. The Panbio COVID_19 Antigen Rapid test is appropriate for doctors, professionals and for use in companies, hospital staff, laboratories, doctor’s offices, public places, workplaces, schools and home use.

How to use the Panbio COVID_19 Antigen Rapid test?

The Panbio Antigen test kits are available in single-test, 4-test, 10-test and 20-test kits. Each kit contains components appropriate for completing the test. If several individuals are being tested, be careful to separate the test components in order to prevent confusion.

Pre-test Instructions

You should wash, sanitize and dry your hands before starting to use the testing kit. Then, read the expiration date on the package. If it is expired, do not use it at all. You should keep the test at room temperature for at least 30 minutes before using it. Then, it’s time to open the box and remove the components.

The test components include:

  • 1 test device
  • 1 tube
  • 1 blue cap
  • 1 buffer bottle
  • 1 tube rack
  • 1 swab
  • 1 bag

While-test Instructions

First, you need to keep the buffer bottle upright, and then twist and pull the tap to open the bottle. Second, you should squeeze the liquid from the buffer bottle into the tap. Remember that you should squeeze the liquid at least twice. Check out the level of the liquid; it must be above the fill line.

Third, put the tube into the tube rack and be careful not to spill the tube’s contents.

The swab has a protective package at the end. Open it and take out the swab. Then, you need to insert the soft end of the swab straight back into your nostril. Be careful to insert it about 2 cm until you feel resistance. Rotate the swab slowly and rub it along the insides of your nasal passage very gently. Do this at least 5 times. After that, pull out the swab from your nostril and do the same thing in your other nostril.

After you swab both nostrils, you should insert the swab into the tube. In this step, what you need to do is swirl in the fluid 5 or more times while pushing against the wall of the tube. Then, you should remove any remaining fluid by pinching the swab tip through the tube.

Hold the tube with one hand and pull out the swab with the other hand. On the swab, you see a line called the Break Line. Locate it and snap the swab handle at this area.

Then, leave the swab in the tube and throw the stick away. Now, it’s time to secure the blue cap on the top of the tube and return the tube to the tube rack.

After you have passed all these steps, remove the test device from its protective package and put it on a flat surface. Beware that there shouldn’t be any bubbles in the liquid as they can lead to inaccurate results.

Now, keep the tube vertically and remove the cap. Then, squeeze 5 drops of the liquid into the well on the test device. Keep the swab secure by putting back the cap on the tube. Wait for 15 minutes.

Be careful that clogging might occur; if so, simply tap the bottom of the tube to release the blockage. Keep the test device flat on a table and do not touch it until the test is over.

After-test Instructions

Read the results in 15 minutes. Results appearing earlier than 15 or after 20 minutes are inaccurate. A control line (C) might appear in the result window within a few minutes, but a test line (T) takes 15 minutes to appear.

Invalid Result

When no control line (C) appears, the test has not worked and is invalid. This might occur due to an incorrect test procedure.

Positive Result

When you see both control line (C) and test line (T), your result is positive and the COVID_19 has been detected. If your result is positive, immediately do a PCR test to make sure whether you are really infected or not.

Negative Result

When you see only the control line (C) appears, your result is negative and you are not infected by COVID_19. If your result is negative yet have symptoms, do the test one or two days later as coronavirus might not be detectable in the very early phases of infection.

After getting your result, put all the test kit components into the bag, seal the bag tightly and throw it away in the waste bin.


  • Children under 14 should be supported by an adult if they want to use the Panbio Antigen Rapid testing kit.
  • You must keep a timing device such as a clock, timer,etc. during the test procedure as it is not provided in the test kit.
  • Do not move the test device until the test is finished.
  • Remember that the nose goes back not up. So, if you go up while swabbing,you will hit the narrow roof and it is going to be irritating and painful. Never do that.
  • The Panbio COVID_19 Antigen Rapid test device can not be substituted for PCR tests. You must rely on PCR.

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20th Jan 2022

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