Antigen rapid tests funds for NDIS participants

Antigen rapid tests funds for NDIS participants

Eligible NDIS participants can use funding from their NDIS plan to purchase Antigen Rapid tests and receive support in the COVID_19 pandemic. This statement has been confirmed by the minister for the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS).

“Antigen Rapid test kits are considered important tools to ensure that disability-related support will continue to be accessible to the participants.” The minister said. Thus, NDIS participants can ensure their continuity of services and support by claiming Antigen Rapid tests.

The Commonwealth has commenced a program to provide concession card holders including the majority of NDIS participants with free Antigen Rapid self tests.

The temporary NDIS program aiming at providing safe support for participants is to enable eligible supported independent living (SIL) participants and providers to claim up to $12.50 per Antigen Rapid test.

An Antigen Rapid test is a quick and easy-to-use testing kit by which you can test yourself and find out whether you are infected by COVID-19 or not. Read more about Antigen rapid tests, their types, accuracy and sensitivity here

You can purchase the Antigen Rapid test with your NDIS fund from Medisa.

You can select from list our available Antigen Rapid tests (All TGA registered) and on check out for payment select “NDIS Participants Only” Option.

Please remember to add your NDIS number after your name on Shipping details and if you have a plan manager, put details of your plan manager on “Billing details”.

If you have any question on how to use this option, please give us a call on : 1300 721 733

3rd Feb 2022

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