How to cut Comfeel Plus Transparent

Ensure that the skin is completely dry before applying the product.
Step 1

Areas where you can experience skin friction: cheek, nose, forehead.

Step 2

Cut to fit areas where skin is at risk. Remember to cut before removing the protective papers.

Step 3

Consider aseptic technique during handling and apply with the adhesive side of the product facing the skin. Gently swipe your fingers on the product to make it adhere to the skin.

Step 4

Put on the protective masks and goggles. A Fit Test may be required depending on the type of mask used. Please refer to and follow your local guidelines.

It is only recommended to cut Comfeel Plus Transparent due to the special circumstances caused by the outbreak of the Corona virus and any use of the product for this purpose should be in compliance with local guidelines on fit testing of masks and goggles.

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