Covidien Kangaroo Continuous Extension Set ENFit - Box of 10 (8884741821)



  • Kangaroo skin level tube access
  • Continuous Right Angle Feeding Set with ENFit connection
  • Non-sterile
  • Latex Free
  • DEHP Free
  • For enteral feeding fluids only
  • Two ENFit connections with screw caps
  • Tube shut off clamp

The Covidien Kangaroo Continuous Extension Set ENFit is a vital accessory for enteral feeding, providing a reliable connection for delivering essential nutrients and medications. This box of 10 extension sets offers convenience and peace of mind to those in need of Kangaroo skin level tube access.

Designed with continuous right angle feeding in mind, this extension set features ENFit connections that ensure a secure and leak-proof fit. The non-sterile construction of the set is latex-free and DEHP-free, prioritizing the safety and well-being of the user.

Each set is equipped with two ENFit connections accompanied by screw caps, providing a seamless and airtight connection for enteral feeding fluids exclusively. Additionally, the inclusion of a tube shut-off clamp enhances the control and precision of the feeding process, allowing for easy adjustments as needed.

Whether for healthcare facilities or individuals requiring enteral feeding support, the Covidien Kangaroo Continuous Extension Set ENFit offers a reliable and efficient solution. Trust in the quality and functionality of this extension set to meet your enteral feeding needs with ease and confidence.
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