Abena Travel John Disposable Urinal Bag, Box of 3 (SA200736)



The Abena TravelJohn Disposable Urinal Bags are designed to actively catch and contain urine whilst travelling. The Abena disposable urinal bag contains a spill-proof gel, so that liquid instantly gels after absorption making it easier to handle.

The unisex adapter makes it easy for anyone and everyone to use while sitting or standing, and a spill guard prevents back flow during use.

The key ingredient is LIQSORB, a combination of an exclusive biodegradable non-woven fabric pouch containing a biodegradable polymer substance that immobilises bacterial growth quickly – absorbs the liquid waste and turns it into an odourless, spill-proof gel bag that is non toxic and waste disposal safe.


  • Revolutionary bag within a bag design
  • Small and lightweight, no closure needed
  • Unisex collar for easy handling
  • Includes volume indicator, and antiseptic moist hand wipes for disinfection
  • Hygienic, odourless, reseal able and leak proof
  • Reusable until full
  • Dimensions: Length 0.116m x Width 0.116m x Height 0.051m
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