Medline Extended Wear High-Capacity Adult Incontinence Briefs - All Sizes

$129.98 - $205.45


  • These briefs feature a high-performance extended wear core designed to keep patients dry and protected for long periods
  • Breathable film allows airflow to promote an optimal microclimate for the skin, and soft antileak guards offer protection and containment
  • Discreet ID system allows caregivers to easily identify the correct size, and provides a more dignified appearance for the wearer
  • Moisture alert wetness indicator smears and disappears when the garment has been soiled
  • Key Features :

  • Extended Wear Briefs are ultra absorbent and breathable
  • Suitable for maximum urinary absorbency needs and/or occasional bowel incontinence episodes
  • Super absorbent core with odour protection pulls wetness away quickly for on-going protection
  • Breathable backsheet allows air to flow throughout the whole brief - including the perineal area, helping to reduce humidity and maintain normal skin temperature
  • Anti-leak guards help reduce leakage, ensuring containment and dignity
  • Perfect fit sizing and adjustable closures deliver a discreet, secure fit for dignity and confidence
  • Number of pieces for Pack/Carton quantities are Small 30/120, Medium 15/60, Large 15/60 and XLarge 15/60 

 Size Guide :

      Small 50-80cms   heavy 1649mls
      Medium 70-110cms   heavy 2155mls
      Large 115-150cms   heavy 2745mls
      •    XLarge          
      115-165cms              heavy 3011mls
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