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Exactec 1mL Low Dead Space Luer Lock Syringes By Imatec Medical, Box of 100 (EXT1mL)



Imatec Medicals Zero Waste Exactec 1ml Low Dead Space Luer Lock Syringes - Box of 100

These 1ml Luer Lock syringes are designed with virtually no dead space, ensuring you get the most out of every injection.

  1. Conserve up to 4.5 ml of liquid over 100 uses, thanks to the syringe's low dead space design.
  2. The Luer Lock system guarantees a snug fit between the needle and syringe, minimising risks and enhancing safety.
  3. The transparent barrel features 0.01 mL hash marks for meticulous dosing, even for the tiniest amounts.

Advantages You'll Experience

Certified Safe: Each syringe comes individually packaged, ensuring sterility and safety for every use.
Specialised Functionality: These syringes are perfect for specific hypodermic tasks, developed based on real-world clinician feedback.
Waste Not, Want Not: The Low Dead Space Plunger Tip minimises leftover volume, so you use every last drop.

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