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B. Braun Wire Basket White For 500ml Bottle Dispenser Pump

  • B. Braun Wire Basket White For 500ml Bottle Dispenser Pump
  • B. Braun Wire Basket White For 500ml Bottle Dispenser Pump
$9.98 - $279.30


Made of stainless steel
To hold dispenser bottles on bed frames
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for 500 ml bottle and for 1000 ml bottle


Product Description:

The B. Braun Wire Basket White is a highly functional and durable accessory designed to hold dispenser bottles on bed frames. Made of stainless steel, this wire basket is built to last and provide reliable support to your bottles.

With its sleek white design, it effortlessly complements any bed frame or room decor, adding a touch of elegance to your surroundings. The sturdy construction ensures that the basket remains securely in place, preventing any accidental displacement of your bottles.

This wire basket is specifically designed for use with 500ml bottle dispenser pumps, offering a secure and convenient storage solution for your essential liquids. Whether it's lotions, hand sanitizers, or other healthcare products, the B. Braun Wire Basket White ensures that your bottles are always within reach, minimizing the risk of spillage and wastage.

Moreover, this versatile accessory is also compatible with 1000ml dispenser bottles, expanding its usability and accommodating a wider range of bottle sizes. So, whether you prefer smaller bottles for personal use or larger ones for shared spaces, this wire basket has got you covered.

Easy to install and maintain, the B. Braun Wire Basket White is a practical choice for hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, or even households. Its lightweight yet sturdy design allows for effortless installation on any bed frame, without the need for complex tools or extensive setup.

Invest in the B. Braun Wire Basket White to enhance the organization and accessibility of your healthcare products. Its high-quality stainless steel construction ensures longevity, while its sleek white design adds a touch of sophistication to any space. Say goodbye to misplaced or cluttered bottles and enjoy the convenience that this wire basket offers.

Additional Information:

This basket is designed specifically for 500ml and 1000ml bottle dispenser pumps. The 500ml version is perfect for personal use or small spaces, while the 1000ml option is ideal for shared environments or areas with higher usage. Ensure that you have the right size dispenser bottle to fit securely into the wire basket.
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