Conductive Lubricating Clear Gel for Ultrasound and ECG Electrocardiogram, 250ml in Easy Squeeze Bottle

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Specifically made for Ultrasonic, E.C.G., T.E.N.S. and E.M.S. applications. Use a small amount over skin, rub in with electrode surface and fit firmly. Safe to use on laser treatment machine.

Conductive Lubricating Clear Gel for Ultrasound and ECG Electrocardiogram is a high-quality product specifically designed for Ultrasonic, E.C.G., T.E.N.S., and E.M.S. applications. This gel is a must-have for medical professionals and technicians who rely on accurate readings during patient examinations and treatments.

In a convenient 250ml easy squeeze bottle, this conductive gel is easy to dispense and apply. The gel's clear consistency allows for precise placement, making it ideal for use with ultrasound equipment, E.C.G. machines, and other electronic medical devices. Its lubricating properties facilitate smooth movement and reduce friction, ensuring optimal conductivity between the electrode surface and the skin.

When using this gel, simply apply a small amount over the designated area of the skin. Then, gently rub in the gel using the electrode surface and secure it firmly in place. The gel's conductive properties will enhance the transmission of electrical signals between the electrodes and the skin, improving the accuracy of readings and diagnostic results.

One of the key advantages of this Conductive Lubricating Clear Gel is its safety for use with laser treatment machines. The gel is specially formulated to be compatible with laser technology, providing a reliable and safe solution for medical professionals performing laser treatments. With the gel's conductivity and lubricating properties, it ensures a seamless connection between the laser device and the patient's skin, promoting efficient and effective treatment sessions.

This product is manufactured to the highest standards of quality, ensuring that it meets the demands of medical facilities, clinics, and healthcare professionals. The 250ml bottle size offers long-lasting use and is easy to store and transport. The easy squeeze bottle design allows for controlled dispensing, preventing waste and reducing mess during application.

In conclusion, the Conductive Lubricating Clear Gel for Ultrasonic and ECG Electrocardiogram is a reliable and versatile product suitable for a wide range of medical applications. With its clear consistency, superior conductivity, and compatibility with laser treatment machines, this gel provides healthcare professionals with the assurance of accurate readings and efficient treatments.
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