Avanos Ballard Oral Care Suction Handle - Box of 25 (99786)

  • Avanos CORGRIP NG/NI Feeding Tube Retention System Box of 10 - All Sizes
  • Avanos CORGRIP NG/NI Feeding Tube Retention System Box of 10 - All Sizes


BALLARD* Suction Handle is one of the tools offered in the Oral Care Kits. The Suction Handle is intended for use by a nurse or caregiver. It offers an ergonomic design that fits with all suction tools and allows for the caregiver to perform the cleaning procedure more comfortably.

The Avanos Ballard Oral Care Suction Handle (99786) is an essential tool in any oral care routine. This product, which comes in a convenient box of 25, is specifically designed for use by nurses and caregivers.

What sets the Ballard Suction Handle apart is its ergonomic design that ensures comfort during every cleaning procedure. The handle is carefully crafted to fit with all suction tools, enabling a seamless and effective cleaning experience. Whether you are suctioning saliva, removing debris, or performing other oral care tasks, this suction handle will make the process much more comfortable and efficient.

With the Avanos Ballard Oral Care Suction Handle, caregivers can maintain proper oral hygiene for their patients more easily. By enhancing their grip and control, this tool allows caregivers to provide thorough and precise oral care, all while minimizing discomfort or potential complications.

In addition to its ergonomic advantages, the Ballard Suction Handle is also reliable and durable. Made from high-quality materials, this handle is designed to withstand frequent use in a clinical setting. Its longevity ensures that caregivers can continue to provide exceptional oral care over an extended period without the need for frequent replacements.

As part of the Oral Care Kits, the Ballard Suction Handle works in combination with other Avanos oral care products, maximizing effectiveness and convenience. These kits contain all the necessary tools to promote oral health, making it easier for caregivers to perform their duties effortlessly.

Invest in the Avanos Ballard Oral Care Suction Handle (99786) today and experience the difference it can make in your oral care routine. Its ergonomic design, compatibility with all suction tools, and lasting durability make it an invaluable asset in any caregiving setting. Ensure the oral health and well-being of your patients with this reliable and efficient suction handle.
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