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Tewameter TM mobile - TEWL Measurement

  • Tewameter TM mobile - TEWL Measurement
  • Tewameter TM mobile - TEWL Measurement
  • Tewameter TM mobile - TEWL Measurement


Our skin is the indispensable barrier of the body to the environment, thus essential for our health in many ways.

Measuring the Transepidermal Water Loss of the skin is a vital parameter to quantify the skin barrier function for various applications.



  • Small, easy to use, handheld Tewameter® with the world-wide most accepted “open chamber” technology, supported by thousands of publications, even used in space.
  • Ergonomic shape
  • suitable for right- and left-handed operators
  • 5 sensor pairs located in thewall of the probe head
  • Highly precise measurement value displayed in g/h/m2 (measurement uncertainty between the laboratory instruments TM 300 and TM Hex)
  • Super quick: 20 - 30 s measurement time
  • High reproducibility of measurement results due to robust statistical algorithms inside
  • Lithium ion battery for at least 300 measurements, USB charger
  • Hygienic rings on the measurement head for all skin sites
  • Single button function: Power / Start measurement
  • Large LC-display with high contrast for optimal readability
  • Multi-functional bar display: shows progress of measurement/ check calibration procedure, quality of measurement and more
  • Multi-coloured status light (power/ready to use, status ok, status error)
  • Audio-visual and vibration feedback of the measurement
  • Protection cap for transportation & check calibration/zero offset
  • Easy, intuitive check calibration & offset procedure

Technical Data:

  • Dimensions probe without protection cap: length 155 mm, width 56 mm, height 27 mm
  • Dimensions diffusion chamber: 10 mm Ø, 20 mm height
  • Weight: approx. approx.140 g
  • Measurement repeatability: 0.4 g/h/m2 + 2.5 % (99% confidence interval)
  • Max. measurement uncertainty: 0.5 g/h/m2 + 8 %
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